Apr. 11 2012

Rama Food Bs. As. Tours Launched!

Recently I was given the opportunity to collaborate on a food tour for an Iphone App created by a company called Rama Food.  Rama has is publishing food tours for many major cities throughout the world.

For my first tour, I was asked to tackle noteworthy bars in the trendy neighborhood of Palermo.  I put together a list of 5 bars in Palermo that I considered noteworthy and novel, trying to focus on those that have stood out, and shown to have their very own personality throughout the years.

The apps can be purchased at Itunes.

You can follow Rama Food on Facebook and Twitter for news on future tours in your city!

Don’t miss other BA food tours by two of my favorite Foodies, Frank Almeida of Sugar and Spice, and Dan Perlman of Casa Saltshaker.


Recientemente tuve la oportunidad de colaborar en una empresa de Apps par Iphone,   llamada Rama Food. Rama Food  está publicando distintos tours culinarios  de muchas de las grandes ciudades del mundo.

Para mi primer tour, se me pidió tomar nota de los  bares mas notables del  barrio de Palermo Soho. Reduje mi  lista a5 bares en Palermo que considere meritorios y con una personalidad y estilo propio.

Las aplicaciones se pueden comprar en Itunes.

Pueden seguir a Rama Food en Facebook y Twitter para recibir novedades sobre nuevos tours.

No te pierdas otros tours escritos por dos de mis foodies preferidos, Frank Almeida de Sugar and Spice y  Dan Perlmande Casa Saltshaker.