Casa Mun, a closed door experience

Casa Mun

For those who are looking for some culinary adventure in BA, closed door restaurants are definitely the new frontier. In the last year, at least half a dozen new closed door restaurants have opened in the city. The concept can be tricky. While a great open door restaurant will offer you a one of a kind culinary experience, the wrong one can be dull at best.

You know you’ve gone to the right kind of closed door restaurant when it helps clarify the point of going to one in the first place. Casa Mun is a very good example of the right kind of closed door restaurant.

From Korea to Hawaii, to training with Iron Chef Makota Okuwa, Chef Mun has a wide variety of experience in Asian food. Mun´s arrival in Buenos Aires has brought us a chance to partake in his gastronomic heritage and eclectic culinary experience.

I can say for certain, that I had a five course meal unlike any other in the Buenos Aires. The May pescatarian menu of Asian inspired dishes, was a refreshing change of pace. From a sampling of traditional Japanese tempura, to California-style fried fish tacos and traditional Korean family recipes, the menu was carefully put together, and beautifully executed. All complemented by flawless pairings of “hard to find” argentine wines. Without a doubt, this was a fulfilling and unique culinary experience.

It is a great time to be eating in Buenos Aires. More than ever before, our city is growing, not only in quality but in variety of cuisines as well. After my visit to Casa Mun I am very excited to keep trying other closed door restaurants in the city, and vey tempted to ask, what does Chef Mun have planned for his June menu?

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5-Course Tasting Menu
May 2011 ~ Saturdays ~ 8:30 p.m.
Reservations Only

Champagne Reception
Ponce Torres Extra Brut

Tempura Assortment
Lightly beer battered deep fried shrimp and vegetables – carrot, zucchini, shitake mushrooms, sweet potato, eggplant, onion & asparagus
Rama Negra Sauvignon Blanc 2009

Chilean Salmon Sashimi & Maki Sushi
California Rolls
Rama Negra Sauvignon Blanc 2009

Fiery Fish Tacos
Korean style fish tacos with “gochujang” sauce, cilantro relish, julienned cabbage, and jalapeño wasabi guacamole on fresh corn tortillas.
AVE Premium Torrontés 2009

Korean “Bibimbap”
Sizzling rice with 7-different vegetables served in a steaming hot pot with my Mom’s secret spicy sauce.
Universo Austral Finca Roja Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

Torta Alfajor Rogel
Green Tea

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Photo courtesy of Casa Mun

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